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Attorneys, Notaries, Conveyancers & Administrators of Estates. The firm has the requisite systems, communications and infrastructure to efficiently provide the best possible service to clients.

About HHL Law

Halse, Havemann and Lloyd has been practicing since 1967 and has firmly established itself as one of the leading law firms in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.  Our impeccable reputation and commitment to service is well known and respected amongst clients and colleagues alike. Best known for our conveyancing department, our attorneys’ wide ranging expertise and experience can assist in all manner of legal servicesContact us today to find out how Halse, Havemann and Lloyd attorneys can assist you. 

Amy Govender - Senior Partner

Practice Areas

Need an experienced attorney to solve your legal mystery? HHL Law is the leading firm specializing in various law solutions and experienced attorneys. With more than 54 years of practicing, rest assured that we will help you win any case.


HHL specializes in this field – the most effective remedy to get rid of debt – final instead of temporary relief as afforded by debt counselling.


If you are currently insolvent / sequestrated, we are able to assist you to apply to Court for your rehabilitation, whereby you will be relieved from all disabilities relating to your insolvency.


Over 40 years plus specialized experience in the field of drafting sale agreements and register the property in the name of the purchaser – purchaser to pay costs.


We are experts in the drafting of contracts, from standard, to very complex and negotiating the terms thereof.


Unfairly dismissed on account of misconduct or retrenched? We refer your dispute for compensation to the CCMA.


Our divorce attorneys are highly specialised in the procedures relating to a divorce and divorce settlements.


We are able to assist you with establishment of a family trust to protect your assets for your beneficiaries’ benefit.


Our collection department is run by experts who have decades of skill & experience in collections and debt recoveries.


Our firm has specialist deceased estates departments in KZN & GP, established over many years.


Let us help you draft one of the most important documents of your lifetime, your Last Will and Testament.


A joint will can prevent costly legal battles for your heirs and loved ones when you are gone. 


There are many negatives in marrying in community of property, which shall apply if you do not execute an Antenuptial Contract – we advise clients as to what to consider and need to know i.t.o. the exclusion or adoption of the accrual system.


Nothing can be more important in law than by dealing with the interests of a child/ren – you need expert advice which we are able to give to you.

Why Choose Us

  • We believe that our Attorneys are above average.
  • We are accessible at all times.
  • We deal with clients without restrictions of formality.
  • Our clients’ interests are paramount.
  • We are costs effective and willing to negotiate fees suitable to our clients and the circumstances of each case.
  • Our clients are regularly fully informed of progress.

Our profit making is subservient to our clients’ interests.

We are fully accountable for the advice that we give and ensuring that clients’ monies are not wasted on cases which they are bound  not to  succeed with.

  • We are passionate in achieving justice for all our clients.
  • We treat our clients with familiarity and having their interests at heart.
  • We are transparent and accountable to our clients.
  • Appointment on ABSA – and Standard Bank’s panel of Attorneys.
  • Numerous awards from ABSA as top achieving Attorneys for registration of mortgage bonds.
  • Winning numerous hard fought High Court cases for clients.
  • Drafting numerous complicated commercial contracts.
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