Deceased Estates

  • Our firm has specialist deceased estates department in Durban, Pinetown and Johannesburg, established over many years.

  • Our firm drafts Wills at no charge if we are appointed as executors of the deceased estate.

  • Your Will is probably one of the most important documents that you can draft during your lifetime.

  • Do you have a Last Will and Testament? If so, how updated is it?

  • If you die without a Will it could lead to major administrative tax and legal problems and possibly to financial losses. In your Will you determine how your assets must be divided amongst your appointed heirs, you nominate an executor and trustee to take care of the division of your assets and to handle the administration of your trust assets, you have the right to appoint heirs in your sole discretion and you determine what they inherit.

  • If you do not have a Will your assets will be divided according to the Intestate Succession Act. Your estate may then devolve contrary to your wishes.

  • Your Will therefore determines the future of everything that you have built up through the years and your heirs can be directly disadvantaged if you do not plan correctly.

  • Estate duty, income tax, vat and capital gains tax can take a sizeable portion out of your estate if your planning is incorrect. A Will must comply with the formalities as directed in the Wills Act, otherwise it (or part thereof) can be declared invalid.
  • A Will should be drafted according to each person’s unique circumstances and needs and therefore it is not advisable that standard Wills / Will templates be adopted for this purpose.

  • It goes without saying that you should get the advice of a specialist or advisor to draft your Will.

  • We will be able to assist your heirs and give them personal attention, during a most trying time of their lives and ensure that your estate devolves as had been intended and that the process is finalized with utmost expediency.

  • We also provide professional services to persons appointed as Executor/trix in the process of the administration of a deceased estate, to assist in the administration of the deceased estate.

Our Attorneys pride themselves in professional, expedient and reliant services available to the Executor in a deceased Estate in the administration process. Contact our offices in Durban, Pinetown and Johannesburg to setup an appointment and to ease the burden of this lengthy process and procedure.

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