Divorces/Matrimonial Regimes

Family relationships resulting in divorce proceedings directly influence the lives of a majority of people on a regular basis. The relationship between a toddler and his/her mother, an undecided student and their parents, a husband and his wife.


These very relationships are not confined to simply the emotional bond already existing between them. A legal relationship is now created between the parties. The essence of a Divorce Attorney is to regulate the functioning of these legal relationships in the most sensitive, yet productive manner, a field in which our firm boasts the utmost pride. Since our early establishment, we have earned a stellar reputation in family and divorce law.

Whilst getting married is an exhilarating life changing moment, naturally many couples become overwhelmed with the mind consuming hours of preparation and in doing so omit to educate themselves in making an informed decision as to the matrimonial regime to follow or exclusions to their wills, all of which have a profound impact on your life ahead and a direct influence on a possible divorce. We are a firm who not only litigate and produce the best legal results our clients desire, but our family law department consists of dynamic and confident individuals who are dedicated in easing the road ahead.


Above all we are proud to be legal practitioners and play our role in contributing to the corner stone of orderly civilization – the Rule of Law and believe that justice must be done and seen to be done. It is on this premise that we can declare, with utmost confidence, that we practice not only with considerable commitment and expertise, but also with honesty and integrity.

Matrimonial Regimes:​
He gets down on one knee, offers a sweet soliloquy and asks the most important life changing question you will have to answer….Will you marry me? Before you live happily ever after…stop for a moment and bear in mind that once marriage preparations kick in, you need to educate yourself immediately on the legalities of the various matrimonial regimes i.e.: Marriage in community of property, Ante-Nuptial Contract with or without the application of the accrual system. Our firm has a high standing record in assisting with consultations to explain the various matrimonial regimes to you and your future spouse, as well as drawing up of the required documentation. For further information on Matrimonial Property Regimes, please read our article on Antenuptial Contracts.
Wayne W. Dyer said: “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is rather than as you think it should be.” Let us help you with the mental transition of believing that there is life after divorce. Our divorce attorneys are highly specialised in the procedures relating to a divorce. We are not just here to help you with the legalities of divorce proceedings but are here to support you through this emotional rollercoaster which you and your family are experiencing.

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