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Established in 1963, our specialised collection department is run by management and staff who have decades of skill, expert knowledge and practical experience within the field of legal debt collections.
The Legal Process is initiated by dispatching a Notice to the Debtor in terms of Section 129 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2000, calling upon the debtor to settle or make arrangements to settle the debt within a stipulated time period and that failure to do so shall inevitably lead to the issue of summons against him/ her for the recovery thereof, together with costs and interest.
Vital to the process of debt collection is the judgement procedure which follows the debtor’s non response to the Summons Commencing Action.
Once Judgement has been obtained, the debtor is likewise advised and an informed decision is taken as to whether to proceed to recover the debt through a Section 65 procedure( a financial enquiry conducted at court);
Section 65 J Application (an application for a court order that a sum of money to be deducted from the debtor’s salary by the debtor’s employer on a monthly basis and paid over for purposes of liquidating such debt ) and the issue and/or execution of a Warrant of Execution against movable property.
We are equipped with the most advanced technology to efficiently manage smooth work flows, thereby affording each and every debt handed over adequate attention.
Clients handing over large scale debts to be collected enjoy the benefits of a consolidated program, whereby all costs are deducted from the credits received, whereafter the balance available is paid over to the client. The client then never has to pay a cent in legal fees.
Halse Havemann and Lloyd prides itself on a sterling reputation in the field of debt collections, making us pioneers in this specialised field.

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